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Why do I need a screen protector?
If you want your screen to always look like new and get higher resell value (right now  phones have short user lifespan - new models are published almost daily, and you too probably will not keep your phone for too long, until a better one comes out), you can achieve that by protecting your screen with our protector films.

They are easy to apply, easy change or remove, and leaves no residue if you don't need them anymore. And best of all - all these small and medium scratches will go away with the protector.


How to apply screen protector?
We always include a detailed step-by-step manual in our package, but for those who want extra information and more detail, we prepared a thorough article:  how to apply protectors.


Can protector damage my screen?
No, and it does not leave any residue after removal. In fact, you can use it as a band-aid for first aid if your phone has a cracked screen - it will hold shattered glass together.


How long I can use screen protector?

Everything depends on your usage and what you have in your pockets. The screen protector can look good from years to days. If you constantly put keys or other sharp metal objects in the same pocket, you will have to change screen protectors more regularly. The usual lifespan is a few months; we recommend to change protectors so your phone always would look like new. And trust us, it's a very pleasant feeling when you remove the old protector and see all scratches go away, some of which might have ended on your screen permanently.

Screen protectors come in different hardness. The very cheap stuff you usually get from China is rated 2H hardness rating, and we use high-quality 3H material which is more scratch resistant and still costs reasonable.

Clear, Matte or Antisock protector?

Clear and matte protectors are made from the exact same material, and only the finishing process is different. Matte screen gets additional treatment.


While clear is your standard protector, matte has a better view in bright sunlight as it reduces the number of reflections, reduces friction, easier to clean, and you can control your phone more easily and precisely.


While it sounds great, personal experience differs from people to people and depending on your screen type. Matte protectors will have slight graininess which can distort your vision of small things, so if you need to read a lot of small texts on your phone, we would not recommend that.


Antishock protectors - latest addition to our screen protectors line, provides not only scratch resistant protective layer, but also includes special materials to soften impact force, reduce damage to your screen and to protect it from breaking.

Antishock protection is so effective because it is combination of plastic polymeric material: thick softer layer of TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane, even used by military because of it's elastic,  chemical and mechanical resistant properties) and extra hardened scratch resistant layer of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate).


This multilayered screen protector is effective at damping and spreads the impact force, and therefore reducing the force that glass undergo at the impact area, avoiding shattering of the glass.


Usually, most people are satisfied by both clear and matte protectors, but if you think you will not like this, we usually recommend to try clear protectors first. 

Xiaomi Pocophone F1
Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier


OnePlus 5T
OnePlus 5T


2017 03 25 :: ANTISHOCK protectors available
2016 08 11 :: New protectors added, including Mi Band 2
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